New Hope for a New Philippines

A true leader doesn’t always lead. A true leader is the one who follows the people, yet responsible for the consequence of following them.

As the country unfolds another history, expectations for the new administration exists. Here, new face covers the mass and new set of challenge awaits the newly President of the Philippines. What future does our country has in the Benigno Aquino administration? Is change for better or for worse?

The nation has witnessed the Inauguration of the new President. Another leader whom the Filipinos is looking forward to meet their needs. Another leader who, in his first weeks to handle the mass will bear a heavy burden left by the latter administration.

Better Philippines. Yes, a better country with a better than the best leader. Filipinos doesn’t need an outstanding nation builder with excellent background in his studies. What the people need is a leader who is responsible enough to make change for the betterment of everybody. People doesn’t need any promises, some sort of lies. What they need is a true act of progress. It’s better to act than talk endlessly anyhow.

It is not only with P-noy’s hands that we can experience change. It is also with us. We, the Filipinos. We don’t have to lean on always with the government. We should also make a move for our own future. We should work hand in hand with the government because only through cooperation, unity and discipline can we make Philippines a country worth for its democracy.


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