Three days. A dimly lit cornered room. Silence echoes through.

That came flashed my memories. Memories that came rushing in my mind every time I remembered that day.

It was an unexpected glimpse that brought us together. Glimpse of strangers. He caught my attention and everything seems to pass quickly.

I met him one day in the corner of a room. Lots of stuffs were around him. He was silent. A unique figure that interests me. I came to his notice and that is how it all started.

First day.

We created a special bond since that day. Little by little, I came to know him. I realized his features so distinct. He requested me to join him to imagine. He brought me to a world so magical. This day, he treated me like a princess. He let’s me imagine he was my prince. he let’s me hold him tight and dance with his beat. He told me to never let go of him. So I did. After that I laugh. I suddenly realized how childish I am. On that day, I became inclined with him.

Second day.

I visited him once more on that same place. Today, I notice his body so firm and hard. He requested me to open my eyes wide and listen with my ears. Together, we enjoyed the beauty and calmness of our surroundings. Unexpectedly, I began staring at him. I see then his soul. Full of meaning and power. What I saw then was the beauty of life. After that, I was inspired. That was the day I became addicted to him.

Third day.

He’s still there, on that corner waiting for me. Today, I found him so sensitive. He should have been hurt. So I took good care of  him. He told me to listen for what my heart says. Together, we reminisced how we started. I was overwhelmed. Suddenly, I realized my arms were wrapping around him. He let me do it. His body rests on my arms for some time. He then, became my happiness. That was the day, I thought it was already love.

It was three days after the scenario. On a dimly lit cornered room. I feel in love with……..a book.♥


how i fell in love with a book


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