Working on with life

One brief summer, my best friend and I decided to go on a visit with our favorite teacher. Upon entering the house, a sense of excitement mesmerized both our limbs. She warmly welcomes us and let us takes a sit while she’s out in the kitchen.

After some time, she came out holding a tray filled with a pitcher of water, a glass, cubes of ice, a sachet of juice and a spoon. Confused with what we saw, refreshment unprepared, she began to move closer to us as if making a joke and said, “Time for some refreshments.”

She handed the glass and put some water into it. After sometime, she opened the juice and poured it into the water adding some ice cubes while mixing it. Still confused, my best friend whispered, “Is she teaching us how to make a juice?”  I did not reply.

After finishing her output, she stared to us and asked, “What do you think is this now?”  Without hesitation, my best friend answered, “Obviously Ma’am, it is a cold juice drink.”

Then she replied, “Yes, but beyond appearance? NO. This teaches us one thing. This figure just tells us what our life is.”

Startled, we both listen. “The glass is our life. Before, it was empty. Not until I poured some water into it. Water signifies the most important thing in our life; our family. We need them to become full. They are the ones who will love and hone us. Without them, our life will not run out well. Simple.”

“The juice is our friends. They make our life colorful and gives us delightful taste of being known and be known. They are also essential to our life but not as essential as our family. Lastly, the ice cubes. Ice cubes symbolizes happiness. We need to be happy to enjoy our relationship with our family and with our friends.  Ice melts so is happiness.  When happiness melts, this is the time when our soul savours it and becomes our way of life. Together, it will flow with the water and with the juice and it will become one. This is then our life; a happy life.”

“So, time to enjoy your juice drink,” she said with encouragement.  Then, my best friend and I, both smiled.

It was a brief summer experience, but I remember the lessons we learned vividly.


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