Poverty hides: In the eyes of a youth

Everybody believes that the youth are the hope of our nation. They are the ones, the bearer of the continuous revolution of the world in its axis. The carrier of knowledge to the next generation. And the change that our nations eagerly wanted. If these are the realization that the children will bear, are they worth and ready for it.

Along the vicinity of Manila, houses of different sizes and styles will be seen forming a community of people who has different ways of how to live every day. People who are doing their laundry, others who are busy talking to their neighbors, others who are in their sari-sari store waiting for buyers, those who are repairing their broken houses, babies who are crying and what strikes me most are the little ones who are happily playing outside. With their dirty faces, uneven hair, feet with broken slippers and hands of sands ready to be eaten by their mouth.

On curiosity of these happy children, questions needed to be answered were raised into minds. Are those really the youth who will someday be our hope or are they the ones who will still be a machine needed to be forced to do what we want.

For a seven year old boy, contentment is when he enjoys playing with his neighborhood friends and still has his smile wear throughout the day. John Michael Berrado is one of the youth who doesn’t know what true life all about is. He belongs to a big family consisting of seven children. When ask if he goes to school, he said yes but was not very much focused on his studies. Instead, he is always looking forward every morning when he can play all throughout.

This young one is a true example of how poverty hides its poison through kids with their angelic, sweet faces; no one can easily tell how these kids despite of their poor life, still manage to wear a smile and enjoy the bitterness of belonging to a class they don’t actually choose but was fated to.

Their desire is so simple yet has never given a chance to speak it out. Somehow, no one has to blame why poverty existed in such society. It’s just that, one can do something to cut this curse given to these unfortunate ones.

Poverty is never a hindrance to grow. Never did it allow people to become cast outs to this society, where everybody is equal.  The true essence of hope should not lie to the youth who in reality does not know their roles in raising it. Instead, the true essence of hope is the sweet realization that one should believe and have faith. That behind youths angelic faces, poverty weakens them.

Note: I’ve written this article two years ago which I happen to find in  in my computer files. 🙂


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