There was once a girl with a ONE big heart

With a set of TWO beautiful eyes which her soul speaks

She was blessed to have THREE special gifts

The gift of knowledge, peace and love

In her existence there she lives,

With her FOUR siblings happily

I guess at FIVE she knows how to sing,

And can count from one to SIX

This normal person have fallen SEVEN times

But managed to stand at the EIGHTth time

It takes NINE months to be a mom

But our bodies can be symbolize as number TEN

At the seven ELEVEN store she usually buys,

Her favorite Sampaloc products

Her existence in every TWELVE months prove a lot

At THIRTEEN, she became my friend in an Earth Science class

On her FOURTEENth year we’ve been best friends

Sharing fun on our FIFTEEN years of existence

We’ve graduated on our high school years at SIXTEEN

And parted ways because of different college schools at SEVENTEEN

When she reaches her EIGHTEENth year, I was at her side

We celebrated her NINETEENth birthday with a lot of smile

This is a special poem made for Princess

My best friend, my love, my sister

On her special day, I want to thank her

For sharing her TWENTY years making me happy.

Note: This poem was especially made for my bestfriend, Princess Anne Manalili in her 20th birthday. 🙂


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