Out in the dark

“How sweetly did they float upon the wings of silence, through the empty vaulted night. At every fall smoothing the raven-down of darkness, till it smiled.”

Watching the sun sets in the overlaying solemnized horizon, clouds began to unleash the sky’s yearning passion. The rustling of leaves contemplate the wind blowing up above while people maneuver around the corners of the busy street. The day was over cast and there was an indication of the pouring rain. On that late afternoon, just before dark, there I was, struck with the top view image of the peaceful scenery behind the busy city of Manila.

Strange though it may seem, the sense of euphoria bewildered my sleeping thought just when I was about to lose hope thinking that I will one day leave this city unable to experience the good side it has. But lying before me was that bizarre image I can’t imagine it could be. This is Manila, the other way, and I suddenly caught my words hanging in the air.

People come and go, street children scattered in the corners begging for help, food and money. Train suddenly passed by, all of a sudden the startled sound of the ground shaking awakes the sleeping people under the bridge. The drivers came hastening their cars brakes and wheels, garbage flying like birds in the blue sky. Full of tremor identity and perplexed images of ruthless malfunctions of the society to where people rush things to the extent, hunger, poverty and crime was rampant. This is the city of Manila in the broad daylight.

But behind the city’s unscrupulous picture during daylight resides its true color during night-time. Serenity dwells when night was falling fast. Just when darkness threatened to submerge everything, there was Manila, a beautiful woman, embracing the nature’s gift of freedom and tranquility. Before her lies the image of a child hearing a lullaby before she dose, the total calmness everyone dream of possessing. And in her lies the heart of the whole country, full of responsibility, courage and magnificence.

Manila sleeps at night

Manila reveals its marvels during darkness. The city became an empty street; lights brighten to fit the dark corners of its nest. Flashes of colors unified the city’s composure. During this moment, an image of angelic heroines unexpectedly empowers the city’s circle with vast stillness. People never need to scuttle things to keep alive because enjoying a scene like this is more apt than spending its rigmarole.

Waking up to another broad daylight is the last thing one will wish to do. Because when dark fades and the sky turns to say hi, everything will go back to normal and that will be goodbye. And only when silence echoes over the dark moonlit sky and when reverie turns into sweet dreams, sleeping peacefully was Manila.


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