The Last Look

It would take a two-hour bus ride before going home. I sat beside my favorite place by the window and turn the air conditioner towards my direction. For the past three years of being a college student, I usually rode LRT for fast and easy transportation but just when I was about to enter fourth year and my schedules were not that distress, I manage to ride a bus.

Bus. It took me sometime before I enjoyed riding it. Being dizzy and the uneasy feeling of vomiting for the unwanted smell of the perfume used for the air conditioner, many times, frankly, I began hating it. But people, to get used to things sometimes tries to love, enjoy and continue patronizing what they hate, and so I did.

It was about 6:30 in the evening when I began to watch the news being delivered in the bus’ television (the usual mode of entertainment in the said transportation aside from radio). Somehow, I became really bored so I turn on the headset and instigate playing music.

After a while, passengers began filling the bus. Between them were only little spaces (for breathing, I guess so?) After another meter of bus movement, there raised another passengers making those standing a real pack. There came the tension between the bus conductor and a male passenger. “Ang sikip na nga e, pasakay ka pa ng pasakay,” said the male passenger. The conductor without the thinking twice exclaimed, “Bakit, pinilit ba kitang sumakay?” More arguments heighten but after a few minutes, the tension cools down.

In the middle of busy roads full of cars, tremendous traffic suddenly augments. I began to hear a lady passenger saying, “Ano ba yan, traffic na naman?” And I readily thought, “What’s new?”  Traffic is and it will be the main problem of our roads. Another complains comes with a group of teenagers telling how hot it is on the bus.

To keep myself from hearing another miserable grouch, I thought of looking outside the bus. As I stare at the insipid window, looking forward to see something soothing in the eye, I came upon this old man, a blind old man on the middle of bumping cars knocking over the windows to beg for a penny or food. The traffic light signals stop and looking down, I followed with my eyes, how this old man moves from car to car with his left pale hands on his walking stick for direction and the other one knocking and begging in the windows.

Ideas flashed to mind when I thought that the old man might be running a risk, he might be hit there by a fast car. The cars began moving and I looked before that man who hardly finds his way for a safer place away from the stirring cars. Just as I was about to lose sight of the blind man, my heart goes for him. I considered the fact that I was really proud of him. He had showed me that courage is enough to dwell the malfunctions of our society.

I turn my head towards the bus and I thought of how lucky each of us inside it. We always condemn every problem we have but afraid of facing it in reality. We always get annoyed with the traffic jam, the unexpected weather conditions, the careless hands of the driver, the peevish conductor and the over reacted passengers. To avoid ruining our days, we can shun these little things and that we are so lucky. We are blessed enough because we have everything we could ever ask for, we do not have any defect, and we are useful.

“Ordinary day in our lives becomes extraordinary if we accept the reality that we are blessed every day.”

I manage to run my thoughts into valuable ideas for the past minutes. As the bus turns to my destination, I began turning off the music player. I walked past the other passengers and there was silence. My feet began to step out of the door. It was late evening, darkness invades the sky. I remembered vividly the bus, the passengers inside, the blind old man, and his courage to see the cruel world through his eyes. It was my last look.


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