My Childhood Dream

As a child, I often wonder how things varies from shapes, colors and numbers. I grew up asking questions that kids usually ask. Where does rain comes from? Why should I pray at night? How  big is the moon? Why the sun is colored yellow? Why should  I always sleep in the afternoon and many more. I carried these questions as an adult and grew up realizing how funny it was during those days.

More than becoming a writer,  a nurse and a physical therapist, I become fascinated to be an artist. A painter may be. As a kid, I always enjoy drawing. The fun of having your imagination put into sketch was something overwhelming. I usually draw trees, birds flying in the sky, flowers blooming, the flowing river and others.These were the distinct pictures my mind always figures.

In the cusp of changes, I grew up loving what I want. My passion doesn’t stop there. I continue imagining the things in my head and put it into words or pictures. As it once said, “a picture paints a thousand words”. And here I was, merging my ideas and thoughts into something picturesque into the eye. 🙂

My dream suddenly became reality as I inscribe the outlines and slowly connects lines after lines. Somehow, the paths became vulnerable and I make myself engage into something solitary and combines the shapes into the lines, the lines into the marks. The blank spaces in my paper suddenly turns into something my own hand provides. It was amazing. The dream turns into reality. My childhood dream: to draw a house full of harmony.


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