Since the beginning I find it hard to be with you

You give me a perturbed feeling, I don’t know what to do


I put aside my frustrations to bestow you everything

I have done all the efforts to create you something


It started with the problem I have created

Followed by a sequence of mission I have to fulfilled



What I did next is to look for information

To support your constant erring and further investigation



I looked for people to help me find you

I never failed because they help me to



My next step is to interpret all the things they say

To find the answer for you is the only possible way



Now I’m facing the ending of our great story

The finale is to make you a summary



Next week I will come fighting for you

To justify all the works I’ve done which connects me to you



This is such an enormous love story I’ve able to form

It starts with the problem

Comes with the review

Next is the method

Able to connect is the interpretation

Next thing is the summary of results

The last thing to do is defense



That is how the story goes

The only feasible approach to approve you my—




One thought on “Idle

  1. This is called s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d 😛 We can do this. Lezz Pray 🙂 At least na-inspire ka ni Thesis. HAHA

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