Environment Friendly

Living in the the Pilgrimage city of Antipolo, it is my pleasure surrounding with tourist destinations just like Antipolo Cathedral, Hinulugang Taktak, Mystical Cave,  Old Boso Boso Church, White Cross and resorts.

The ample feeling of walking in the city with such enthusiasm brought me the joy that I really belong here. The sense of pride when stepping in the road of this ever been place for the holy is such a remarkable sensation plus the ambiance which is startling.

After a long day at school, I sense this feeling that whenever I step out in the jeepney, I will experience total stillness. I was at home. All the boredom, tiredness and ennui I feel at school abruptly fade away when I am in my own land.

Such great happiness moves me. I am proud to be an Antipoleno, I swear.

I heard this news that my beloved city now bans styrofoams and plastic materials. See story http://mb.com.ph/articles/340409/antipolo-bans-styrofoam-plastic-bags

That is good news for me of course. This city that is once in nightmare with its environment type that suddenly grows fainter in the last decade now embarks its quest for development. The nature now puts the city in its success while doing its best to provide a beautiful environment for people and others.

A friendly environment for future Antipolenos, this is the mission of our city. And I will be proud to support such Eco-friendly advocacy. Now is the time to help Mother Earth heal its wound. Now is the time everybody should act. Not just our city but also the other parts of our country.  What lies in our hands is the future of our next generation.


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