Kids can tell

“A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.” 

I love kids. That is the summary of this post.

Though instances push me that truly test my patience with children, 95% of which never hinders my desire to continue enjoying their company.

Why do I love thee?

Well, honestly speaking, my personal manners revive me that I am just like them. I am childish, yes that is a fact, and I will never intend to make clamour out of it. We, in all sense have this somewhat a battle of childlike ideas in our heads that we are repeatedly playing. We also have questions we are asking constantly and the best of which are, we have dreams we always wish to make. The simple fact is that, kids have more self-confidence than adults have.

Recently, I have had this responsibility (as I endure it could be) to watch over for my four year old niece. Not knowing the task to make, I make it a point that this little nanny will show me terrific ideas and yes, I succeeded.

During the afternoon, she was scolded by my mother (which is her grandmother) because she did not sleep. She cried for the past 30 minutes, and you know the feeling of irritation when hearing such cries. Oh, I too also felt the same way. She stopped until such time and was back to her own little world, playing with her stuff toys.

After which, I planned to teach her the proper way of writing her name fitting in the lines of her paper. She only had scratch bond papers and so I have done the lines. One by one, she wrote the letters of her name, which reads as L-h-y-a-n-n-e X-a-i-r-a-h D. N-a-r-r-a-l, while I was instructing her to follow the lines of the paper. I do not remember anything when I was her age. I thought all I know is that I love playing.

I was surprised by her behavior during the entire routine and was amazed on how fast she could interact. Kids nowadays, I thought have much inner confidence to try everything. They love things, which amaze them, and they can easily be contented unlike adults who are very hard to please.

Kids love surprises and because of what she have done, I thought it was necessary to give her the benefit of the doubt. I gave her candy. The smile in her lips makes me happy. I knew for a reason that whenever things got its way, I would be just like my niece, simple but contented and happy.


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