Conversations with my Mother

In the bathroom while I was busy washing our clothes.

Mama: O, pagkatapos mong grumaduate, tatlong buwan kang magpapahinga.

Ako: Anong tatlong buwan? Isang taon kaya.

Mama: Aba, buhay tayo nun.

Ako: Okey lang yun, wala ka na namang pag-aaralin e. Dito na lang ako sa bahay, matutulog.hehe.

When I was young, I thought life was just as easy as eating your favourite food. But I realized then that it was not that the same.  The more you savour that delicious food in your mouth, the more you realize the high amount you should pay for such.

My mother right from the start was the one beside me during my early years of school. I remember when I was in elementary, every first day of school she wakes up early in the morning to prepare everything I need. Right then, she will give me six pesos for my allowance (which was unlikely fewer amounts than my classmates’ allowance) but I was very happy for having such amount. But in the end, I was pleased to give my mother and father (which was alive then) an honor after I had graduated my sixth grade. That is how my elementary days gone by.

When I entered my high school years, my mother was still the one who supports and gives enormous strength when I was in any school competition. She was the one who shares words of wisdom and courage for me so that I can believe in myself. Allowance was never a source of misunderstanding among us because every amount my mother gave me, I accept it with all my heart without appealing to her anymore. My mother was also the first one who bears with all the problems I have encountered in school (be it lost books). She never let me feel that I am taken for granted. She is the best and forever will be.

Today, as I am reaching this point in my college years, I am proud to say that my mother was still here for me. She never fails to cheer me up, smile and care for me.  She continues to live with me in my wildest dreams or even fantasies. As a grown-up person, I think I can now give her all the things I planned so long. The dreams of making her the most lovable woman in the whole world was never enough. Because what I want is to provide her the luxuries of life, I failed to present her when I was young. I want the best of her. More than the responsibilities she hold on since I was young, i want to show her that I, too is proud that I am her daughter.

As I step out in the university I am in hopefully in May, I will surely shower my mother the price of all her efforts for me. I will give her all the benefits and I will give her a lot of reasons to smile and believe that she is love and forever will be the best.:)


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