Wandering Christmas holiday with stunning places

As a tradition being practiced by my best friend and I during Christmas season, we celebrated the holiday at PACEM Ecopark and Hinulugang Taktak  in Antipolo City. Unlike the other holiday season, we visited such place with our other friends Elise and Alysa.

It was a good and enduring visit to such place. Before hand, I had researched the said place for it is the only place in our home city that we haven’t visited yet and miraculously the internet gave me the information I needed. Anyways, it was totally fun.

We started our walk to Assumption Antipolo, a way up where we talked while walking. Just as we arrived at the main gate, I was asked by my pals to ask the security guard where PACEM was and luckily we have granted the permission to visit the place for I assumed they will never let us because it is a holiday.

Then there came the tourist guide I think, and we asked how much the entrance fee will be. They told us 65 pesos if we are student and 85 pesos if not. We told them that we are college students but were not able to bring with us our ID. But because it is Christmas, they let us paid 65 pesos. And I think it’s worth the fun.

The tourist guide led the way first in the butterfly museum where we found collections of different butterflies around the world. And apparently, the one that caught my attention was a butterfly named “Ulysses” with its color light blue and with a touch of black over its edge.

After which, he lead us to a shell museum where we found different shells of sizes and colors. We also discover a shark mouth with its large growling teeth all over its mouth. Next thing we know, the guide told us that we can led our own way by following the sign “THIS WAY”. So, walking through and for, we found our own way to the different animals at the ecopark.

First we discover different flying animals such as different kinds of birds such as owl, then peacocks, rabbits, bear cats and many more. What I was truly amazed was the playful monkey in the cage where I attempted to make a hand over him but I was shocked when he grabs my finger (but that was fun). 🙂

Next we came to a way which led us to a butterfly sanctuary but I was disappointed when I haven’t seen butterflies flying around us. I am expecting that those butterflies will sting on our hands or maybe we can able to touch them but luckily I was able to take a picture of one of the butterflies even though it is so far that I needed to zoom in my camera.

After sometime, we rest on the benches of the park and played crime scene, a playing card which my best friend had brought with her. Next thing we know, it was already lunch time and we had our lunch of hotsilog and longsilog. Though the food was quite expensive, I realize it will be that high because the ambiance of the canteen was very accommodating plus the fact that our food was specially cooked.

Then as we make our way to the exit door, we take time to take picture in the façade of the ecopark and we planned to go to Hinulugang Taktak.

Hinulugang Taktak is one of the famous tourist destinations of Antipolo. With its overflowing water above, I can say it is truly amazing. But I was disappointed to know that it is still olid. Somehow, we need to get our hanky over our nose to avoid the foul odor that comes from the water of it.

Though we experience the uncomfortable scene, still I can picture Hinulugang Taktak as one of the best place I revisited because it depicts a history my beloved place long endured. Still, Antipolo City is the place I will look into not because I had grown into it but because there exist a hidden beauty, a beauty that will rest until eternity if entrench.

Like the past Christmas holidays I have, visiting PACEM Ecopark and Hinulugang Taktak were also special. Taking time to visit the place we were grown into is very spectacular and we will learn to understand our folklore and the beauty concealed inside it. 🙂


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