Fun with a twist

With high hopes of attracting vast number of tourists, finally the Department of Tourism (DOT) came up with its slogan “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”. Though issues rallied upon the said slogan which was said to be an imitation of the 1951 Switzerland advertisement, still DOT manage to catch the attention of  everybody.

Well, so much can be prove how fun it is in the Philippines, from how Filipinos spend their everyday living to simple talks and labor into something very exciting and enjoyable. It is easy to say that Filipinos struggled financially, emotionally and economically, but regardless of it all, still we manage to survive every other day positively. That’s what Filipinos are, struggling but fighting. Only in the Philippines can we see people smiling even in the midst of typhoon. And only in the Philippines can we find true happiness because happiness here is unique, it is viral.

“It’s More Fun in the Philippines” do not only merely signify a slogan promoted by one of its government agency, but it tries to go deep. It is fun with a twist. It reflects the Filipino tradition, a one of a kind tradition that only here can be found. It tells the story of our country, the rich folklore we have and most especially the true Filipinos living within us. It is what we are and how proud we are to be. And so I can say, it is really fun here. Come and see! 🙂


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