The five simple truths in life

Living life to its fullest is a habitual rule bestowed upon us. Everything we have had meanings depending on the way we live and enjoy it. Often times, we question the ideals life shows us. But we are blind enough to see that these are the realization we often neglect.

In each of our fragile existence, there are things in the world that can never be ours. Just because of these simple truths:

  1. It’s bad for us

We all face different trials but the same tasked every day. We should believe that things are not given to us automatically because there is a higher God who knows that the things we asked will only lead to something worst. Maybe it will affect others or else it will affect our self.

  1. It belongs to someone else

Not all the things we want will be given to us because it is owned by someone else. It is just a realization that not every day we saw things and we will possess it eagerly. In life, everything has a purpose, everything has its owner and maybe it is not really the thing for us.

  1. We already lost the chance to claim them as our own

Chances and opportunities, these are the odds we almost take for granted because we are busy doing other things. We waste time ignoring the things life wants us to see. In result, we left our own dwellings and regret the plans we do because someone else grab the opportunity which was then given in front of us.

  1. It is just isn’t meant to be ours

The things we do are the things we surely will reap. There are reasons behind every tasked we prearranged. Sometimes, although we want things badly, time does not permit us to have it just because it is not meant for us. We all have different possessions which will show the best of what we have and those things we can’t attain only signifies that there are other people who are worth it.


So if we’re obsessed with wanting something we clearly can’t have, hopefully in the end, we’ll realize,

  1. It’s not something that we really need

Not all the things we have are all significant in our life. Sometimes, what we need to do is to pass in unto others and share it because maybe they can take care of it more than we could. It is wise to give and share than to possess something which we can’t able to give justice in the end.


Smile and enjoy life. God is love. 🙂


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