Four roses on February

One day before Valentine’s Day.

I usually don’t give any attention for such event. I really think it was just an ordinary day celebration. A day celebrated only by those lovers merely in love with each other.

Valentine’s Day was basically connected with stuffs such as chocolates, bears and flowers. Yup, flowers. Red roses suddenly come flaunting side by side in your town’s market while you are walking alone. The environment suddenly turns red and only you had gone so bitter it’s as if being with somebody was the only possible requirement to enormously be with those who wants to celebrate the event.

I remembered only given a flower twice (the original one). It was on our senior’s prom four years ago. He handed me a white rose while asking me to dance with him. It was a typical night where everybody dressed like prince and princesses. A fairytale enjoyed by teenagers because they can dance all night long without their parents watching them. It was really a magical tale which starts at night and ends when the dawn came. I vividly recount that instance, I got home early in the morning with a rose on my hand.

Three years later, surprisingly, I was given another three red roses on Valentine’s Day. It was another typical day for me. There he was, handing me a box of chocolate roses and another three real red roses. I smiled and it was all that way.

Even though I was surrounded by those sweet nothing lovers, Valentine’s never really moved me at all. I remember only celebrating it with my mother and my best friend. In my high school years when February 14 suddenly got its way, before going home I will buy my mother an artificial rose and both of us will spend the day ordinarily. While on my best friend’s case, it’s my tradition to give her a card and any heart shape stuffs and together we both remembered the days that had gone by. That’s my Valentine.

But before long, I came to realized that love was not essentially based on material things. Valentine’s do so. As I believed God is always love. Love and share every day, I really believed that is the essence of February 14.

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