Valentine Fever

I had one of the most amazing Valentine ever. I’ve got the chance to spent it with my best friend Princess and we hang-out at SM City Masinag. We walked to and fro and got very busy watching those items being sold at the mall. I saw lots of lovers walking hand in hand while the girls  wear the wildest smile I had ever seen because they’ve received their dream bouquet of flowers. 🙂

Anyways, Princess and I got to enjoy playing what I had forgotten.:) But we had spent more or less fifty pesos for that game. Next thing I know, we had our lunch at McDonald’s and had eaten fries and two coke floats.



Then we’ve exchanged cards, flowers and heart shape thing.





We took our pictures it is as if we are boyfriends and girlfriends. But I had lots of fun.




We bid farewell by one in the afternoon and by that time I had spent the rest of my day with him. I got surprised to receive another bunch of chocolates and a rose. I had another eating session at Chowking and Valentine’s day was really blessed and good. 🙂 Love, love and love everyday:)


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