Undelivered Speech

This is no ordinary speech. This one is created with individuality and confidence. Just like any other speech, I do believe it has to say something, maybe simple, maybe extravagant. But unlike those speeches I had heard a long time ago, this one is eccentric. Eccentric in a sense that I do not reprimand giving another long boring talk without even bothering to ask my audience if they will understand me or not. This one is plain. An experience retold.

Four years. Holding a Bachelor’s degree is no joke at all.  It means you’ve successfully achieved your dream or more appropriate to say, your parents dream. Gone are the days when your first impressions with professors are a long tale of passed or failed. It means you’ve finished the days when you need to rush for a requirement just to pass a minor subject and be contented on having a grade of 3.0 (passing grade). Gone also are the days when you took on an overnight in a classmate’s house to finish a group project only to spent the night watching movies and teasing each other. In addition, it means you’re already wide awake after a long sleep in a professor’s lecture. It also means you’ve passed the sweat pouring and mindboggling thesis because your professor always finds something wrong in your study and rejects it anyway. And most importantly, gone are the days when you need to wake up early just to experience heavy traffic on the road while you need to attend a 7:30 a.m. class.

My experience in college was no different from others. I was greeted by Jericho Jungco on my first day and had met another friend named Jessica Almarza. On our classroom, we’ve encountered another classmate named Maria Djohanna Angelica Ongtangco and we, four got along together so well. Another day passed and there is this guy who was a silent type individual named Paul Timothy Lavado and there comes my college friends. We sat close together. We ate together. When someone needs to go somewhere, we go along too. That’s our friendship.

But as time passed by, my first-ever friends one by one suddenly had gone by. First was Jericho, who had decided to transfer to another school and there comes Jessica, who on our second year decided also to transfer to another school. But as these friends of mine decided to take on different roads, I had met another set of friends. Just like before, everything goes normal.

I think my first and last heartache in college was not achieving my self-promised goal. This happens three years ago when a professor gave me a grade of 2.75. I don’t really think this will affect my goal but I was wrong. This has been the end of my goal: to graduate with honors. My alma mater does not permit student to graduate with honors if she or he has a grade of 2.75. Sadly, I failed to give my family specially my mama the recognition I want her to have. Though I have failed on that certain goal, I think in due time, I will give her the best recognition she can ever have.

This is also a thank you speech. A well-written speech to those people I have encountered, talked, helped, loved and inspired me. After graduating from college, I think this is the time I need to thank those people who have touched my life.

To my best friend Princess Anne Manalili– I am really thankful for having you through thick and thin. For making me laugh, smile and be happy always. You’re the best, I love you.

Jessica Almarza– Undeniably, our friendship is unique. You are a true friend. I will treasure all those happy moments we had.

Maria Djohanna Angelica Ongtangco– You are my kind and supportive friend. I love how we used to tease each other. How you open your house for our overnights and how you take care of me, you are amazing.

Gilbert Haplit– You had become my guy bestfriend. It is so wonderful how our friendship blossoms with time. You had become my buddy, a listener and adviser. I love who you are and that’s enough.

Paul Timothy Lavado– the first ever guy who believes and respects me. You are the one who always push me to lead any group I belong. I love how you believe in my talents and capabilities. Thank you, you will always be the Timothy I know.

Jeffrey Castaneros– You are a jolly companion. I love how you tell funny stories and how you make calls at night and we exchange pick-up lines. I love how you make me laugh. Thank you.

Darlene Elysia Apanay– You are my only ate. Your sisterly affection makes me feel protected. You are a good sport, I love how I tease you and you only replied sarcastically. You are very kind and I will love you always.

Reina Mae Navarro– You are simple yet fun-to-be with friend. I will never forget how genius you are when it comes to places and directions. I love your simplicity, your wit and everything. Thank you.

Pump Squad ( Renard Bryan Cabutin, Joecen Kevin Dalumpines, Justine Kevin Umali, Sonny Boy Ramos and Vincent Rassel Laude)- Thank you for being true to yourself. I love the times we hang out together. You made me laugh.

BJ 4-1d– Though many times we had different sets of arguments, I enjoy each company I had. At the end of the day, all our experience proves how together we achieved what we want. Congratulations. We all made it.

My family especially to my mama– Thank you for being so supportive. I am very blessed to have a family like you. You never failed to show and push me to my desired goal. I love you always.

And most importantly thank you to the one and only God, our Creator, who had given me this life that I am now enjoying. I love You and I always believe and trust You. Thank you for showing me that life is so beautiful and so I need to live it with purpose.

Before I end this article, let me share a quote from Mr. Bob Ong’s  book ABNKKBSNPLAAko, “Marami pa lang libreng lecture sa mundo. Ikaw ang gagawa ng syllabus. Lahat tayo enrolled ngayon sa isang university, maraming subjects na mahirap, pero dahil libre, ikaw ang talo ‘pag nag-drop ka. Isa-isa tayong gagraduate, iba’t ibang paraan. Tanging diploma ay ang alaala ng kung ano mang tulong o pagmamahal ang iniwan natin sa mundong pinangarap nating baguhin minsan.” So, to all my friends, colleagues and family, thank you for everything. As I have written earlier, this is no ordinary speech. So let me end this by saying, “Congratulations! Job well done!’.  🙂


One thought on “Undelivered Speech

  1. Hoy Eunice! Ngayon ko lang nabasa ito. Hahaha! Thank you. Bakeet?? Eh magaling ka naman talaga ah. Kaya nga sumama ako sa inyo eh para magagaling na estudyante kasama ko. HAHAHAHA! Pero seriously ah, ito yung pangatlong full article (in English) na nabasa kong sinulat mo (including yung recently sa Inquirer), (at saka ayaw mong ipabasa mga gawa mo nung college, arte mo! HAHAHA!) and I must say, ang bulok ko palang magsulat. HAHAHA! Buti na lang kayo lagi ang nakakagrupo ko sa mga writing activities and projects! HAHAHAHA!

    Eto seryoso to ah (brace yourselves), nalayo man ako sa grupo natin noon, (dahil sa mga kadahilanang may pageant, student politics, org commitments) lagi naman akong naka-lookout sa inyo, aware ako na may naiwan akong circle of friends na hindi ko na nasasamahan. So hindi ako nakalimot ah. =) haha! At saka most favorite spot ko pa rin yung 2nd row, yung sa dulo ng row natin. sa likod ng Sanrio. hahaha!

    Clap clap here. Proud of you. : )

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