Life’s if’s and if not’s

A special friend opens up this conversation one afternoon on a bus ride. He asked me surprisingly upon seeing traffic overhead, what if there are no cars at all and the only possible way to get through your way is by walking.

Astonished, I just told him that it will really take time before someone got his way. It was like that. But then, I also realized how our life was suddenly blurred by the changes in our environment. Is really life like that?

Then what if and if not…

-Everybody has the same food every day? Then, we can learn how to share.

-People communicate with someone through talking? Then, we can show our sincerity to everyone.

-The only way to cook your food is by scratching two stones to produce fire? The, we will learn the importance of patience.

-There is no air conditioner or electric fan? Then, we can appreciate the air outside.

-There are no cellular phones, computers and internet connection? Then, we will know the significance of our family. We can freely talk, laugh and share them our everyday life scenarios.

-People know how to dump their waste properly? Then, we will all have a clean and green environment.

-There are no rich and poor people? Then, there will be no discrimination. Every day is peaceful.

-There are no Sunday night-life or bar to hang-out with friends every Saturday?  Then, we will have time to go to Church and renew our beliefs and faith.

-There is only a second left in our life? Then, we will know how time is very valuable.

These are only few reminders in life that we really need to work out. Every day, we should know how to value life’s surprises. At the end of the day, we all have different agendas to meet, work and fulfill. But, we should not forget those simple things God has given us, the power to share, care and love. 🙂


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