Modern-day kids

Once in our existence, we became kids. Yes, definitely ragged kids. We used to do things differently. We have different views on life and yet we are undeniably very happy.  Those were the days when we only thought of the word “play”, to play day and night.

I have heard over the radio this morning how fast things change from the eyes of the children. Children grow up simultaneously with the upgrade of our technology. Little by little, kids have become one of the victims of the fast advancement of our technology. They tend to forget our traditional games wherein they can get social interaction with the other kids. This is one of the sad realities of technological progression.

I remember how as a kid, I used to enjoy playing with my little sister and my cousins outside our house. While under the heat of the sun, we used to play hide and seek. We ran to our desired place and one by one we wait if we will be caught by the ‘it’. Our sweat pours tremendously and our clothes were really soaked with sweat and dirt. But at the end of the day, we all go home happily.

In my elementary days, my classmates and I used to play “Chinese garter” after school. We jumped high just to pass over the garter. After sometime, we played “taya-tayaan” and our days back then, were filled with so much fun and excitement.

Today, sad to say, kids prefer playing with their I-phones, touch-screen cell phones, computer, laptop and other gadgets freely available to them. They now contented to play with animated friends on their gadgets and now, they disregard having human friends outside. They choose to stay in their house because they are now surrounded by new gadgets, easier to use because the only part of their body that will work will be their fingers and undeniably those gadgets have a lot of games to choose from.

Though technology really has been a great help for kids ‘fun, we should not dispel the fact that we should exposed the children to the traditional games we used to play. In this way, not only they can use their whole body for healthy lifestyle, learn how to gain friends and became socially interacted to others, but most of all, they will learn the facts of life. Because once they were exposed to every day contact with their environment, they will learn how to get hurt and be able to stand up strong and firm. They will discover that life is not always a big playground.

Now, I am no longer a kid or a teen, but I am proud to say that I had enjoyed my journey as a kid because I had been exposed to the truths of life. My youth has been very remarkable and exciting because I’ve got to learn how simple things are in the eyes of a child. 🙂



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