Cool stuffs to a cold weather

Waking up early is really hard to do when it is raining. Our body literally pushes us back to our bed when we are attempting to go out and look if Mr. Sunlight is present. Instead, cold wind will come greeting your face as if saying “Hey sleepyhead, it’s a brand new day.”

This is the time when you are too tired to do something and all you want to do is to wrap yourself in your blanket, hide underneath and cuddle with your bed. This is the day when we really appreciate our bed because this is our only substitute to have a warm feeling. Aside from these, there are things we definitely love to do when it is raining.

1. Eat some hot soup, sotanghon or noodles

It is really good to eat hot foods during this cold weather. It is one of the easiest ways to warm our body specifically our tummy and satisfy our hunger. Usually during rainy days, people really love to eat and these are only good suggestions.

2. Drink a good coffee, hot chocolate

Aside from eating foods, drinking coffee and hot chocolates are another alternative to cold feeling. These are the typical choices of people who feel restless and want to take a break from their tiring activities at homer in work.

3. Play scrabble, Sudoku or crossword puzzles

These are the usual and easy recreational activities for everyone. Scrabble is a mind game that can be played by family members during the cold weather for it does not only serve as a game but it also creates time for busy schedules among the family members.

Meanwhile, Sudoku and crossword puzzles can be played individually if you’re bored enough and wants some thrill and challenge during this unwanted weather.

4. Listen to some good music

Music soothes the inner feelings of any listeners especially during rainy days. Sometimes, music wakes up the sleeping soul of people. People often become sentimental during the day so it is really good to hear good music that can touch your mood of the day.

5. Read a good book

Books are vital during rainy days. It serves as an escape to boredom when you decide to do something else. People can look for a nice book depicting life experiences, sentimental or even dramatic ones. It really depends upon the readers’ taste of the day. Books do not only serves as good companion but it also gives the readers relief after long boring hours.

Even if rainy days signify cold weather when everyone chooses to stay still and lay under their covers, it does not mean people will be too tired to commit him or herself to some worthwhile activities. There are many things we can do during rainy days. Aside from those mentioned above, the most important thing we can have during this day is to have someone to talk to us and feel comfortable with. It means having someone to hold hands with and someone to hug you while you are in cold. Anyways, we can do anything we want. It only depends on how rain will affect our mood. As it says, after the rain, rainbow comes its way.


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