1,096 extraordinary days with him

Three years. She could still vividly remember how they have started. It was an ordinary day. They were college classmates, but more of strangers. They have different set of friends, different values and opposite interests. But it was really destiny that brings them together. Three fruitful years of adventure, a coaster of what people called love.


Every day she took biscuits in school as her food. But somehow, because she was not a food lover (especially those of biscuits), just like a routine, every time she saw or came passed him, she will immediately handed him the biscuit (with no other intention). But every time also, the guy shyly refused to have it.


With different set of friends, the two did not have the chance to get along.  During their freshmen year, they only saw each other inside their classroom. No other connection binds them.

He was a quiet guy. His physical traits do not really tell that he was that silent type. He is someone who smiles cheaply and who talks only when asked.

He usually spends his break time outside the campus, while she was inside the campus with her circle of friends.

He was attached to friends while she was studious. He is the type of guy, she thought she will never like. But she is wrong. His distinct qualities really attracted her.


They became text mates during summer vacation. While she was in their house, he on the other hand, was clearing some school requirements. It was the usual “how are you” type of greeting. They only treated each other as college classmates, nothing more.

They would text each other at night. They only talked about school, but the guy usually was the one to end the conversation because he typically slept early.

During that summer also, the ordinary text mates just end that way. One time, the guy suddenly lost his communication to her. Days passed with no text message coming from him.


Their sophomore year signaled their new friendship. Upon seeing the guy outside the classroom, she approached and tease him asking why he stopped texting her. He quickly explained that he lost his cellphone. That day also, he again got her cellphone number.

They built their friendship again, unknown what fate planned them. They began texting each other. Suddenly, the guy took courage to text sweet messages and until midnight, they don’t grow tired exchanging lovable messages. Even though they talked nonsense things, still they manage a good set of conversation.


One day, the guy courageously told the girl that he loves him more than friends. Without any hesitation, the guy asked her if she can be her girlfriend.

The girl without answering ‘yes or no’ directly told him that she will give him the chance to show his real intention. She even told him that they will try first. If the relationship works, that will be the only time to continue their blossoming love.

A gentleman and sweet guy came one day at school giving the girl a chocolate-filled biscuit. He even let the girl borrow his vintage umbrella one rainy day.

The guy showered the girl his love even though he is shy in is nature. Because of the continuous care and love, the girl accepted him and love the way he is.


Coming to the girl’s birthday, the guy handed her a cute white bear as a gift. It was his first visit to the girl’s house. With other guests including her high school classmates, the girl could see that he become jealous to one of her high school classmates, upon seeing how close they were.

But because it was her special day, he showed her how important she is to him. Upon his way home, the guy courageously told her ‘I love you’ and that was the first sweet moment of her life.


The most unexpected thing he ever done to the girl happened January of 2010. It was her dream. She was so surprised upon knowing that he planned to legally introduce her to her family.

She didn’t expect him to do that. But everything was really fast and one thing she knew, she was right inside the guy’s house talking to his grandmother and mother. She was warmly welcomed by his family. It was one of the happiest moments of her life. He really showed her how he can fight his love for her.


Their relationship was a bunch of a sweet –challenging journey. Each day they were together, they discovered something unique about them. They treated each day as special.

They have four angels namely Beatrice, Reunj, Chekwa and Kathleen. These were the symbols of love he gave to the girl. They were stuff toys. He gave them to her because he knows how she really loves teddy bears. He only wanted her happiness and so he had done everything to make her happy.


He is a supportive boyfriend. He respects everything the girl liked including her book addiction. Though sometimes he argues and misunderstood her because he thought she was spending her savings for her addiction, still he gave her the thing she wanted but with limitation.

He is a man of few words. He only got angry when he thought she is giving all her efforts to a thing and ends up tired. He is protective and caring guy. He doesn’t like it when she forgot to eat food on time. He doesn’t like it when she got hurt and when someone would take advantage of her. He will surely protect her in any possible manner. He will do everything just to make her safe.


One of the unique qualities that contribute to their long term relationship is that they both enjoyed playing like kids. Sometimes, when they’re together, they bullied each others’ imperfections and end up laughing so loud. Other times, they will play childhood games like ‘jack en poy’ or sometimes tease each other.

During their dates, they would order drinks and the girl sometimes blow her drink or else she will transfer her drink to his drink with the used of straw. They were childish but when it comes to serious matters, they would readily resolve and talked it seriously.


When it comes to being patient, she idolized him. She admired his patience every time she was late on their dates or going to school. He always waited her even it took hours. Other times, she loves his patience when waiting for her during her late at night internship shifts, though he was already tired from his own internship.

He always took time to fetch her or took a ride with her to home just to make sure she would go home safe. He is a lovable man. He is a man who showered her so much attention and love she thought she was impossible to have.


They both have dreams and plans for each other. It was nice to know that they both graduated in college without any trouble. They’ve had each other’s support every time they needed to do something. They hold their dreams tight and promised each other they will make it come true.

They had each other through good and bad times. They become each other’s listener and adviser. They are lovers but they treated each other like best friends. He knows her strengths and weaknesses and the same goes for her.

Though they’ve experienced some misunderstandings, they’ve continued to resolve everything. They believed that their unending love will be their best weapon to solve their problems.

They will prove to each other that they will respect each other’s differences and will forever enjoy each other’s company. Through care, trust, loyalty and love, they will break the notion of most relationships being short term only.

They will show to the world that they will love each other and in the future will surely see each other in church, taking their vows.

Three years. It was three years that meant so much for her. Three years of unconditional love, understanding and respect. As Auden once said, “Love each other or perish.”


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