An afternoon of coffee, chocolate mousse and heavy rain

After waking up in a late afternoon, I have decided to take a late merienda amidst the heavy rain outside. It is already Wednesday afternoon yet I haven’t had a chance to see Mr. Sunlight up in the sky. Looking out, I’ve seen     how fast the flood rose on our neighborhood.

I have prepared a cup of coffee and have a slice of chocolate mousse as my merienda. As I sat comfortably eating and enjoying my snack, I looked forward and think of the victims of the recent disaster involving the unexpected flood and torrential rainfall.

Today, I think of how blessed I am sitting comfortably on our sofa while others stood frozen and trapped outside their roofs. I think of the wrecked and flooded houses of most families, who had no choice but to stay in overcrowded evacuation centers, while I was safe and sound inside our house.

While I was singing happily, I think of the victims who are crying and asking for help and rescue and I readily say a prayer. As I sip my coffee, I think of the thirsty citizens asking for clean water. Meanwhile, after a bite of my chocolate mousse, I readily think of the hungry children and families inside evacuation centers longing for food assistance. Most importantly, I thank God because I was staying with a complete family while others were looking and crying for their missing or even dead family members.

Ironically, these are rain of blessings unaffected people can thank of, but sadly these are not applicable for the damage citizens. Sometimes, we just need to look around us and see how lucky we are compared to others. Today, we must learn to appreciate simple things and look beyond the miracles God has giving us.

We can help those affected people. We can extend our assistance. Most importantly, the most powerful thing we can give them is our prayers. Because sometimes, a cup of coffee can mean a full cup of love; a slice of chocolate mousse can mean a lot of care and prayers and; the tremendous rain can mean there is a lot of hope for tomorrow because after all, there is really sunshine after the rain. Extend our prayers for the affected Filipinos.


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