An Open Letter to my Bestfriend



It has been eight long years since we’ve known each other. I could still remember how our friendship started. We are almost strangers back then, right? But who knows we will be together this far? I am so blessed to know you and you heard it right.

You know how much I care and love you. You had not just been my best friend but you had become more than that. You had become my long time listener, adviser, teaser, joker and everything. I had given another understanding sister in your persona and I am very thankful for having such.

Best, thank you for sharing everything you have. You had continuously giving me your precious time when I badly needed it. You have stayed the same and I am very blessed because you stay with me through thick and thin. Words are never enough to thank God for giving me a true bestfriend.

I hope you will continue to strive what you want. I remember how we used to dream together during our high school years. Still, you manage to do the same even though we’re far from each other. You know what; our friendship is really unique because we are really addicts.

Though we have different taste in choosing these or that, still we are the same when it comes to many things. I love how I can cry for you when I feel down. I love how I can laugh with you when I am happy. But most of all, I really love how we are together, talking to nonsense things and laughing at others follies. That’s how we are, but I am so proud for doing that along with you.

What I really love about you is that you know when I am happy or worst of all, when I am sad. You really tried to do the best you can just to make me feel better. You always tries to comfort my every mood swings and you know better when I am crazy. You make me smile every time, because that is really you, the Ms. Smiley of my life.

Thank you for being you. Stay as ever sweet, caring and lovable best friend ever. Though we can’t see each other more often, still you can count on me every time, 24/7. Just keep on inspiring others. I believe that in God’s perfect time, He will move us to the best spot of our life and I will be looking forward to that time with you sharing all the sweet spices of life.

Best, always remember that I am here for you. In this fast-paced called life, I will still want you to be with me also. I will always remember you every time I feel alone. I will still lean on you when I need a shoulder to cry on. Thank you for all your support. I will respect your decisions in life but still I will give you different sets of suggestions just to make sure you will not be hurt by anyone.

I always tell you that I can kill just to protect you, and I mean it. I love you more than you know. I just want your happiness so whoever it is that will make you happy, I will still make sure that he will protect you all the way, because once he hurts you, that will surely be the end of his life. hahahaha 🙂

Best, keep on believing. I believe in everything you have. Together, we will surely achieve our goals.  I am looking for more special occasions to celebrate with you. Happy 21st birthday best. You are the BEST! 🙂 God bless you! I love you always.

Your loving bestfriend,



Just try remembering these sweet stuffs you have given me during our dates. Thank you for everything. Looking forward for more birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, Holy weeks and New Year with you. 🙂


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