Faith is

I had this long day. I was put into dismay once again, questioning my capabilities and knowledge. I thought of how many times I have failed to something. Upon my disappointment, I searched for the only book in my bag and continue reading some of its pages. There, I came upon the page that has changed my mood of that day. This is the scenario.

There is this salesman, and he knocks on a door. The man who answers says, “ I don’t need anything today.”

The next day, the salesman returns.

“Stay away,” he is told.

The next day, the salesman is back.

The man yells, “You again! I warned you!” He gets so angry, he spits in the salesman’s face.

The salesman smiles, wipes the spit with a handkerchief, then looks to the sky and says, “Must be raining.”

That’s what faith is. If they spit in your face, you say it must be raining. But you still come back tomorrow.

-Excerpt  from Mitch Albom’s “Have a little faith”

I suddenly realized that though life oftentimes has been rude to me, I do not need to stop believing and dreaming. In life, we will experience failing many times to something we really want. But we should keep on trusting Him, because He knows better than we do. Sometimes, God tests our faith to see if we really do love Him .On that same afternoon, I repose and think of how blessed I am because God’s love is forever overflowing. That what faith is. Faith is not just about to believe. it’s about acting in what you believe in.


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