What I love and hate about September

September, the 9th month of the year has really something to do with me. Every year, I am looking forward to this month because it signifies the start of Christmas season and I am really excited to hear Christmas carols soothing our home.

We also celebrate five birthdays of our family members this month.  So, who will never be eager to eat countless cakes, ice creams, spaghetti and more mouth-watering dishes set in your small table, while your siblings are busy surprising you just to make your day really happy.

Birthdays are what I look forward to this month. We only celebrate my birthday as simple as going to church early in the morning while my mother is preparing something special before I go home. But then as my age goes one count to the next, my birthday celebration goes different, because except to the things I usually do, all I need to do for the next hour of my day is to watch how surprises unfold one step at a time.

I remember my last year’s birthday. I was at school and had to go home in the afternoon because of the heavy class schedules. But though, I go home late, still I had celebrated it with much joy and happiness because I was surrounded by the people I love.

What I also love about the last year’s celebration was I’ve got the chance to have post birthday merriment. I was an intern back then on a newspaper publication and I remember how the editor-in-chief of the Journal Group of Publications bought me my favorite cheese flavored ice cream as his birthday gift to me. I really enjoyed it so much. 🙂

Aside to those things I love during September, I also hate this month in some cases. Why? Just for this simple fact.  My grandmother (father’s side) had passed away on September 23, while my beloved father died on September 27. That’s it. But I think everything is planned. I had accepted that worst scenario of my life and I believe He has the reason why those things happen.

To set things aside, September will and always will be my favorite month of the year. I am just waiting for more blessings coming from Him and I will never be tired of trusting His plans for me. After all, I will never get tired of waiting for the best birthday gift He will give me and I hope it will come soon. 🙂




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