Answered Prayer

A week was over.

I want to summarize the whole week just like a formal theme students usually wrote during their first day of school.

My first week was really fun. 🙂 I’ve got to meet new friends who are older than me. Of course, I came to a point where I am too shy to say a thing, but as life shows, accept change. Change is the only permanent thing in the world. I am proud to where I am right now because I’ve chose to take this path and not the other way around.

I’ve got my first job on a reputable publishing house. I was trained and I was feeling like I am still a student looking for an on-the-job training, but the reality is this: real world. I am now on a real world. This is the job I prayed so hard.

Just like my answer to this job’s interview, I want this job because of my mother. I want to support her and I know this will be the start of the dream I want for her. I want this job because I am a journalism graduate. Not for being hypocrite, I want to land on a job related to my field of study because this is not a game anymore. I want this job because I am really sure that I want to stay and grow with it because I love it.:)

I don’t want to belong to those people who choose to find a work just to earn money and in the end got stuck to that world but getting tired and move out just because they got bored or more often than not, they realized, that is not the world they should belong. Seek your dream and never abandon it, this is what I think of.

Anyways, it is really God’s plan that’s why I am here. God, the Almighty. I remember how systematically things went before I’ve landed on this God-given job. It was Friday then and I was on a hard time accepting the fact that I failed another interview. All of a sudden, I decided to turn on our computer and drastically, due to stress, I told myself that I will not give up. I searched on a job venturing website and look for a job related to my course. It happened so fast. I remember sending three job applications and turn off the computer right away.

Saturday came, and while I was in the middle of my sleeping hours, I was awakened by a text message from an unknown number telling me that I have a scheduled written examination on Tuesday (August28).  Without much hope, I realized that by Monday, that week, I was reviewing and getting prepared for the exam.

By Tuesday, with preparedness, I took the exam with much prayers and confidence. Then, I, together with the other examinees, was told to be called if ever we pass the exam.

I prayed so hard because I believe I will pass the exam. On Thursday, that same week, the human resource manager of the company called and congratulates me for passing the exam. I was in the middle of laundry back then. She told me that I was scheduled for successive interview on Tuesday, the other week.

Another Tuesday came and with more hopes, I was interviewed by the HR manager and she showed me my written exam and I was happy with the result because I only got minor errors. She also told me that I was the top pick for the position. After which, I was on another interview with the editor of the company and it went smoothly. She told me that they will be reviewing my application and I will be called for an interview with the VP for administration. Before going home, she told me that I should prepare myself for that time. I went with smiles on my face.

Later, when I was on the bus to home, I checked on my cellphone and was surprised to receive a text message and missed calls from an unknown number and seconds passed, it was given another call asking me to go back at 2 in the afternoon for an interview with the VP. So, my heart beats fast. I wasn’t expecting too much and I wasn’t even prepared for that.

As a lesson, I accept that surprised moment of my life and acknowledge it as a challenge, a challenge to believe in my capabilities. I was the first one to be interviewed by the VP and I am really nervous then, but it really went good. He peruses my blog and that was the time I came to be proud of myself because someone, with a high position reads it. He told me that I was promising. With smile, he told me “Goodluck”, and that’s the word I will never forget. I went home believing I will win the spot.

It was September then. I was expecting a call on Tuesday, because I was getting accustomed that they will call on that day. I prayed so hard. I was checking the phone, looking for signs of disconnections, none. The day passed. Wednesday passed. It was September 6, Thursday. It was my birthday. I thought I will be receiving that call as a gift. I prayed and prayed, but I cried on my birthday because no calls came.

I never lose hope. I know that God’s gift for me will somehow be delayed. I waited. September 7 came. I prayed and prayed. At 10:30 in the morning, I received a text message from the editor of the company telling me that I am one of the top two candidates for the position. I prayed. God give me this. I prayed.

It was two-thirty in the afternoon. In the middle of our sleep, the phone rang. My mother answered it and the gift came. I was greeted with a big “Congratulation”. I got it. Yes, Lord, you’re really good. It was the best birthday gift ever. Miracle do happens, just wait and see. I am proud to witness that miracle coming in my life. Lord, you’re amazing!:)

My first week was really fun. I’ve got to meet new friends who are older than me. Now, I am their baby because I am the youngest girl in their office. I love the nature of my work. This is a God-given job. Thank you Lord. You are really and really and really the best.:)


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