I have read this poem accidentally on a newspaper and somehow, I began to love every words and lines it possess. Love is really amazing when we show our real intentions. 🙂


Boy: Remember when I took your hand, and asked you for a date

Girl: And I agreed but cautioned you, that you should not be late?


Boy: Well, I got there quite ahead of time, and we went out that night

Girl: And afterwards I said I thought, you seemed to be all right.


Boy: You liked me in a way and yet, you were not really sure

Girl:  Though we had formed a friendship that forever would endure.


Boy:  And then the days and nights went by, I saw you more and more

Girl: Till finally I thought you were the one, I was really looking for.


Boy and Girl:

And then the time have come and gone, since you and I were wed

And still in perfect happiness, we plan the years ahead.


 –James J. Metcalfe (Enduring Date)




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