God-given Angel

A good picture of a young boy and his brother walking to school on a Monday morning.:)

Yes, probably I still believe in the essence of having a brother or a sister.

As I was on a jeepney going to work, I saw that good image I am describing on a manic Monday and it really have make my day great. All I manage to utter was a nice smile while using my eyes to follow their way down.

Soon, I remember my sister. She was 18 years old now working as an accounting clerk on a fast food chain. I suddenly remember the times we were kids. We were dogs and cats back then. When she has something, I should have something too.

We used to have the same t-shirt designs, shorts, accessories and everything. I remember that we were being mistaken as twins but probably not.  Back then, we often play inside our house, building mini houses in our room and acting like neighbors. We played little chefs using plants we gather outside and slicing it like we were real chefs. Those were the days, and I am proud we still stay the same.

Now, we were both on a legal age. Still, we manage to keep that sweetness. Every morning before I go to work, I still kiss her. When we have our rest day, usually every Sunday, we go to church together and then we go on some little walks. We talked about everything. Making fun and teasing each other are probably the best time of our life because we share the same happiness we never intend to end.

Sisters, yes, she is my loving sister. I am so happy for having her. She is a God-given gift  and angel to me and to my family. I will surely treasure her forever because having a sister like her is worth everything I have because I can really feel the real happiness I never thought I could. I love you sis.:)


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