Cases of Unconditional Love

What does unconditional love means? Is it as easy as loving someone and be love the same way? Or is it loving someone regardless of what comes your way?

Urban dictionary defines unconditional love as loving somebody with no conditions or circumstances: to love completely, regardless of how that person treats you, or what they do to you, you love them no matter what.

More often than not, there are different cases that correspond to the given scenario. It is just up to the person if they will line themselves upon the situation.

CASE 1: Usual husband and wife misunderstanding

On a Monday morning, I was thrilled by this scene wherein a woman was arguing with her husband as to whether they will leave the jeepney they were mistakenly rode. I thought the argument will easily last. But no, minutes passed and their loud voices surround the jeepney. But then I realized the reason behind this old woman’s angry shouts on her husband. It was then that I understand that they were running ahead of time for the man’s dialysis treatment that day. And so, I thought, well, the woman really cares about his husband’s condition. A case of Unconditional love.

CASE 2: Mother and Son going to different places together

Meanwhile, on Thursday morning, I saw this scene wherein a lady (I thought she’s single because I thought she’s young) and a school boy (maybe a high school student) rode the same jeepney I was in. Minutes passed, I grew curious when the boy leans on the lady’s shoulder as he slept. That’s when I realized that he was the son of that lady. After which, the lady bids farewell to the boy and the boy kissed his mom on the cheeks. Nice realization, because I thought that in this modern time, boys with the same age like him will not anymore kissed their mother because they thought it is stupid. Well, anyways, it is another case of unconditional love.

CASE 3: Accidental Love

We have this security guard in our office who always looks forward talking to us on our lunch break. He opens up this conversation wherein he talked about the accidental love story of him and his wife. He then told us that he never believes in long time relationship because of their scenario. He met his wife on a bank wherein they bumped each other and that is the start of their relationship. They started texting each other and grew fond and realized that they were true lovers. No questions at all. Unconditional love.

CASE 4: Mother carrying a baby while stealing a banana

I saw this Badjao carrying a baby walking around the vicinity of my workplace. Suddenly, I was shocked when she grabbed a banana on a man selling bananas on a cart. The man couldn’t help but just stare at the woman. Well, I thought the woman was just giving her baby something to eat, but the way she have done it was not good. I cannot determine if it is unconditional love or not.

CASE 5: Grow old with you

Everyday, I saw old people walking hand in hand. I thought of a great love story they have. I always think of growing up together like them with someone I really love. Their story is really extraordinary. Their case is rare these days because more and more people broke up and end up divorce or annulled. So, when I saw someone like them, I end up smiling and thinking of my future. I want to be like them, still happy with their relationship. A very happy case of unconditional love.

Love takes on different forms, style, history and situations. When the time comes, one should do the best they can to flourish the love they have. Love needs more of understanding, conversation, loyalty, commitment and most of all with God. God should be the center of our every relationship, because with Him, everything will turn out good. Unconditional love, above all is accepting God with our heart and soul and once we start accepting Him, we will be sure that our chosen relationship will really be good and happy.


Dirk Simpson: I don’t believe in unconditional love, I mean, what is it anyway? Cut off my ears, steal my money and I’ll love you anyway?

Grace Beasley: Yes, and more.

Dirk Simpson: More?

Grace Beasley: You don’t have to love me back.

–From the movie “Unconditional Love”



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