Unwinged Dreams

On Tuesday morning, just as I was looking for a ride, a jeepney went passed my way and I asked the man hanging outside if its route will be on Sumulong highway.

I was surprised to identify that man as my former elementary classmate. I suddenly said “hi” and gave my nicest smile and he too, does the same.

In that second, he asked me where will I be going, and I easily answered him that I am now working somewhere on Quezon City. Just as their jeepney made their way, I bid him farewell and he replied with his biggest smile.

I suddenly remembered how my elementary years go. I was a little kid then, and I remember how that boy, Jonrel used to be a clown in our classroom. He was really a happy boy, a joker. We used to talk anything (but I cannot say that were really close back then).

As the graduation ceremony comes, I remember how we used to talk about our next step after that day. We used to dream and plan. I used to say that I will become a nurse. But as time passed by, our ways come separately. I graduated high school and blessed to finish my Journalism course. While he, on the other hand, became a jeepney conductor.

I realized how fast things went as they are. It’s been eight years since then, I met different people, attitudes and personalities. But I will never forget my former classmates because they’ve been a part of my life. I believe that though years passed, memories should last.

Dreams. We have different dreams back then, but life sometimes doesn’t permit us to achieve what we want. It simply does not let us follow the basic rules of the road, because there are better plans for us. We can dream, we can strive harder to reach them, but it takes a lot of courage to stand to what you really want and love. Sometimes, life tests us to the craziest decision as possible, we need to take risks, but in the end, we need to take pride to what we believe in. Smile and pray everyday.





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