Age-defying Secret

Age. Number of years you have lived on this earth. Simply put this, age is just a number. Nothing too tricky.

Well, I can say I am blessed to have a look far from my age. Whenever there are new people I met on the way (maybe on a jeepney, road etc.), they thought I was young. And so, when I tell them my age, they cannot really believe me. I am proud to be 21 years old, employed, happy and family oriented.  But people, those first time, I’ve met, they thought I was 15, 16 or even 13 because I have a child-like face.

It’s flattering to know that people look at you as somewhat young even though you really know that you’re counting years now. I can say there are advantages of having a young looking face. Take for example my case. I am a fresh graduate and working. Whenever  I am riding a jeepney and gives my fare, drivers or conductors, more often asks me if I am a student or not.

Second, I have this experience when I was asked by my mom to go to a lotto station because I am already on my legal age. All of a sudden, the one who tends the store looks at me confused and asked me how old am I. Then I told her with confidence that I am 20. Sometimes, though, it’s tiresome.

Anyways, far from those sometimes annoying instances, still I am blessed to have this young looking face. It takes truly a simple way of living to have such. Well, the secret to have a young looking face? Simple. Live, love and laugh.

I am talkative. I love to share stories from simple things to complicated ones. Whenever I had a chance, I laugh hard. I laugh when there are things to laugh at. Laughing is really a good medicine for the heart, body and soul.

Today, people often forget the basic and easiest way to live life– to smile and laugh. We are too busy looking for complicated things. We forget that sometimes, things are always what it seems. We should not treat our life complicatedly. We should be satisfied and contented for what we have. Smile, live life to the fullest. Make things simple. Worry less. Share. There are more important things than those we always look at. Pray. God always leads our way.

As a television commercial says, “Age is just a number, and young is an attitude.” Smile.:)




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