The Unexpected

Was there an instance in your life when you least expect things but it all turns out the way you don’t want it to be? Or was there a moment in your life when you want things to fall into the exact place but ironically, you felt betrayed because it does not happen the way you want it?

There are a lot of stories to tell. But words, or sometimes sentences should be left unfetter. What if in that exact place where you are standing was the man you are destined to marry (right beside you) but then you didn’t turn and you decided to ride on a jeepney, half-blinded. Well, goodbye my future, see you when its time.

How about this simple case: You are so determined to find a work after leaving a university. Because it’s your first time to look for a job, you feel helpless. You want to look for a job with a classmate or friend. Suddenly, a friend of you or even a friend of your sister asked you to try and apply to their respected company (with minimal suggestions and recommendations in order to pass the interview). But because you’re afraid of going by yourself, you decided to text you’re classmates (who are also on a job hunt) to go with you. On that day, you, with confidence and your classmates took the interview.

One by one your names were called. The interview goes well. After sometime, you’re interviewer told you that they will evaluate you first and you just smile because you know that your classmates have the same output. You look for them and as you smile telling them what the interviewer told you, they just exchange glances and tell you that both of them was being told to wait for a final interview.

You cannot utter a word. You just kept quiet and told them “really?” You cried silently not wanting to enter any of their conversation. And then you decided to wait for them outside. You need fresh air. All of a sudden, you broke into tears. You keep asking yourself, “What happen? Why were the one to be left inside when in fact you are the reason why they are there in that company? Why me? Am I not worth it?”

These are simple cases in our life when we question ourselves because the things we expected to have don’t happen the way we want it. We keep on blaming ourselves for the negative output we get, when in fact we have given all our best to have that. Sometimes, we are not yet better, because there are the best things God wants us to see.

Though we fail others expectation, it is not proper to humiliate or even blame ourselves for what we never want to happen also. It is not easy to expect especially when we want things badly. Because at the end of the day, though we hope for the best output, sometimes, it nearly comes negatively, and we feel disappointed and hurt. Though disappointments are part of our life, we should not give up to our dreams. Might as well continue to strive harder. Expectation hurts more when we don’t give it a try. So be happy. Blessings will come perfectly in time, heart within and God overhead. 🙂


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