To live and remember

It’s November now! 🙂

One month to go before Christmas. It seems very peculiar how we often count days before Christmas but often forgot other things as a person. It is as if the only important month is December (Christmas rush, shopping, minimal kindness given, time to be good, etc.) but no, all the months in our calendar are special in its own way.

Three days ago, as a custom being practiced by my family, November 1 marks as one of the most important occasions in our life. This day, we all busied ourselves to prepare simple dishes, flowers and candles before we can go to my father’s grave. It’s been eight years now since my father passed away. But that doesn’t mean we forgot him.

As a matter of fact, we have this tradition wherein we have schedules for our visitation. This year, I volunteered to watch my father’s grave early in the morning while my sister on lunch time and my mother on afternoon. It was really great growing up accustomed to this time because we are blessed to have this opportunity of sacrificing our little time to our dead relatives.

It is really significant that once every year we try to go and give our extra time to our beloved ones in the cemetery and offer them our prayers.  Just like living individuals, dead people really need our prayers and the simple fact that we visited them with our hearts was really big enough for them because it is better to be remembered than to be forgotten.

Above anything else, it is better to continue praying for their souls in heaven so they can do the same for us. Death is inevitable. More often than not, death is our ending point. It is better if we accept it earlier and do not fear it because at the end of the day, we have given huge time to enjoy life. Life and death are intertwined. All we need to do is to give and offer kindness to everyone. A simple smile is enough to make someone else’s day. Pray. God knows better than we are. Live, laugh, love and remember. Time passed so fast. 🙂


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