“Overrated” Traffic

Late last Thursday, I’ve experienced again the unending scenario of traffic jam. I was on my way home with a tummy that is already churning and tiresome feeling after an eight-hour of work when suddenly five minutes after I rode a jeepney, all I can see are overflowing of cars without literally moving. All I can utter was “Whoa”. 🙂

Traffic. It is one of the terrible things that can happen in the road (more terrible if you least expect it). It is as if traffic consumes all your time needed to do something more valuable. Traffic is a headache, really. What makes it a headache is the fact that once you have this important appointment and all of a sudden you arrive late and alas! All was thrown into trash. You can blame anybody, you can shout, but what else can you do, traffic is a matter of our everyday life. 🙂

So, just what I said earlier, I rode this jeepney on my way to Anonas with a driver who drastically has a high blood that time because as I have eavesdropped, he has just finish fixing his flat tire and was all wet because of the unexpected rain.  All of a sudden, he decided to take on different route so as to make a “shortcut”, but what this shortcut means was another long and boring set of traffic. So all I ended up was praying “Lord, please keep me safe and may I arrive on my destination safe and sound”.  Thank God I have able to go down at 6:15 in the evening after leaving at 5:00 in the afternoon (when it all should be a 30-minute ride).

What else is new here?  Traffic everywhere. Well, it is everybody’s fault why this unending problem is left unsolved. I have to blame myself and you can blame yourself too. As a responsible citizen, we all have our responsibility to follow rules and orders. These regulations are set for our own benefit. Though we have this right to express, we should not forget the word “limitations”. We all have limitations. Sometimes, it is better to follow for the good of everybody. Government has also their responsibilities, but we should not blame all the unnecessary things we experience to them, because we also do have faults in this problem.

What we should do, is to act properly and be able to follow what the law says. At the end of the day, we all want a peaceful and orderly society manage by a respectful leader. Traffic is one of the problems we just came along. But we should manage to keep calm and wish for the betterment of things. Be a responsible citizen, have a truthful means of governance, in the end we can be at ease and we can live peacefully. Have a safe and joyful traffic ahead! 🙂




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