The bitter-sour taste of life

This week has been really an “out-of-the-world” status for me. What makes it really “out” was the scenarios I have heard, saw and felt this past few days.


It was on November 13, when this viral video of a certain “Paula”, a college student came out humiliating a lady guard at LRT2 Santolan Station. This video has become a trending topic of every people who takes on different sides.

Well, (not for clearing my conscience), I am not taking any sides. Both of them commits mistake. I just hope that both of them, during that day, just keep their heads cool. Maybe it will come out as a little misunderstanding if both of them just limit their power of speech. They should have learn that everything in life will turn out ok without using so much freedom of expression. Learn to follow rules and obey simple laws. Smile. 🙂


Meanwhile, tremendous news involving a 34-year old barangay tanod who robbed and viciously killed by slitting the throat of  its three occupants in Tondo, Manila also headlines the news. Unfortunately, the said barangay tanod was purportedly shot in his head causing his instant death.

Crime. Murder, massacre, robbery, these have been the major content of the news. As it said, “bad news is good news.” Well, I hope there could be a more peaceful way of delivering news. I hope that the victims and the suspect will rest in peace. What people needs now is a peaceful way of living.


Upon riding a jeepney, I caught a man (who was in front of me) peeking the breast of a nursing student, who was next to him. I thought he was just looking outside, but no! I followed the direction of his eyes and I am really sure that he is looking in the sensitive part of the said girl. Grrr… He is a real maniac! Why are there guys who are happy abusing girls? I hope our political leaders promulgate law to penalize such maniac.  I am really hoping that maybe, 80% of our men today are real gentlemen.


Life has its different taste. It is just up to us how we will savor each experience we face in our everyday existence. Anyways, I have tasted this sour flavor of life when I came upon these two kids who I thought were playing on something right on a small flood covering the road. When I peeked, I was shocked to see a big dead rat floating in the said flood. I hurriedly looked away and I was like in the midst of vomiting. Sour, really sour, I learned then to be not so curious of something, so I will not be surprised to see what it is that I am curiously looking at.

Life really has its five tastes. Learn to taste all of those and see to yourself life’s hidden happiness. 🙂


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