Love like a river…

 I already finished Paulo Coelho’s “Aleph” last week. So I guess I was left with nothing more to read. Anyways, the book is really amazing and extraordinarily written. Coelho (of course, I am an avid fan) is really awesome when it comes to writing stories in order to inspire people. His way of voicing out his thoughts and ideas in life are really so enthralling.  I love how he inspires me everytime I read any of his life-changing books. Every word is amazingly written. It makes me asked for more.

 Aleph is really a book written to give people the notion that we can love all over again. We can visit the past, but it is not a nice place to stay. Once given a chance, give the best to improve the damage we have done; those heartaches we give to those we love. Moreover, we should not limit ourselves to love despite being hurt many times. It is through loving that we grew stronger and able to face what it is in the present. Love and sacrifice, these are the essence of loving.

 Those simple things we have done to people is just an important pace towards achieving our desire to find our real love. We should dedicate our love to the Almighty. Because at the end of the day, it is Him that we should give our life with. God is love. Love is God. These two coincides.

 Anyways, below is the best part of the book I have read. I hope other readers can learn from it.  As the book said: Transform your life. Rewrite your destiny. Some books are read. Aleph is lived. Enjoy. Live. Love. Laugh. 

‘I love you because all the loves in the world are like different rivers flowing into the same lake, where they meet and are transformed into a single love that becomes rain and blesses the earth. 

I love you like the river that creates the right conditions for trees and bushes and flowers to flourish along its banks.  I love like the river that gives water to the thirsty and takes people where they want to go.

I love you like the river which understands that it must learn to flow differently over waterfalls and to rest in the shallows.  I love you because we are all born in the same place, at the same source, which keeps us provided with a constant supply of water.  And so, when we feel weak, all we have to do is to wait a little.  The spring returns, the winter snows melt and fill us with new energy.

I love you like the river that begins as a solitary trickle in the mountains and gradually grows and joins other rivers until, after a certain point, it can flow around any obstacle in order to get where it wants.

I receive your love and give you mine.  Not the love of a man for a woman, not the love of a father for a child, not the love of God for his creatures, but a love with no name and no explanation, like a river that cannot explain why it follows a particular course, but simply flows onwards. A love that asks for nothing and gives nothing in return; it is simply there.  

I will never be yours and you will never be mine; nevertheless, I can honestly say: I love you, I love, I love you.’


-adapted from Paulo Coelho’s “Aleph”


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