On keeping the knot tie

                My vision of marriage?  It will come eight years from now.

                Two years ago, I came upon this article about marriage as a college requirement in one of our subjects. Below was the result.

                Marriage they say is an ingredient to God’s love.

                In the present situation, people are not looking forward to marriage. They have thought it is just a license to sex. But sex is just part of it. They also thought that marriage is just another responsibility and it somehow will not work in the end.

                I do believe that people are just afraid of having a lifetime commitment. They are not just ready to surrender their life easily to someone who in the end will result to divorce. A negative remark. People with this kind of attitude are actually people who are coward enough to experience the reality of life outside their grown-up horizon.

                It has been said also that to attain a relationship that will last forever, we should believe in marriage.

                Simple yet true. I believe that marriage is designed to last forever. It is God’s blessing. And if it was planned by the grace of god it sure will work. It just takes two people who are responsible enough to the obligations they must face and to work it up according to God’s aim.

                If we want a happy ending, marriage is important. Marriage is about sacrifice.

                I agree that marriage is essential in one’s life as long as we know how to handle it and being married in the right time. By submitting oneself to their partners, they are making a decision worth living. It is a total happiness in the end.

                Lastly, marriage is about sacrifice. We should learn how to sacrifice if we love someone, just like how Christ sacrifices himself for our safety. Marriage does have its ups and downs. But in the end, it just takes four C’s to have a happy married life as what I’ve heard in one of the sermons. It just takes communication, commitment, compatibility and Christ. Marriage is about having God as the center of our life.


                Just a simple reminder my dear readers:

                Marry and trust your heart to someone who can see these three things in you:

1)      The sorrow behind your smile

2)       The love behind your anger

3)      The reason behind your silence


Anyways, my ideal age for my wedding will be 30 years old. Yes, I love to have a garden wedding (see my older post). But somehow, for the past weeks, my sudden thought was change and I’ve decided not to make plans regarding my dream day. I don’t know why, but it was really a surprise. So I make up my mind and think a million times. A wedding, surely it will be the best ever.

For the record, nothing changes. I still want to be the most beautiful girl ever, when that happens. My big answer: Yes, I will surely, madly, deeply marry the one I love (you heard me right). 🙂 Just wait for eight more years, and together we will walk hand in hand.  Me, wearing the most extravagant white dress you will ever see as I walk beautifully in the aisle, while you smilingly wait for me in the corner. Together we will face the altar and will take our undying love: our vows, with God’s love. 🙂

sketch of my ideal wedding dress :)

sketch of my ideal wedding dress 🙂


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