58 years and counting…

A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.

-Victor Hugo

Yesterday was my beloved mother’s birthday. 🙂 Yes, and it was really our custom to celebrate her day with simple sets of surprises. But unfortunately, this is her first birthday that I wasn’t able to accompany her. Yeah, and I was kind of busy wrapping her gift the night before (I got home late) because I got to work the next day.

Anyways, based on her stories, my mother has enjoyed her birthday. I got the chance to sing her a birthday song soon as I wake up that day. I sang to her repeatedly (just for the sake of singing, lol 🙂 ). But that makes me more of enjoying her day though I will never celebrate with her.

As she woke up planning to go to church early morning (with my sister), yes, I got to give her my most creative gift I had wrapped last night. Imagine myself wearing that biggest smile on my face as I handed her my not-so planned gift case (basically I recycled my gift case: I just used a box (the box of the medal I have received during a contest eight years ago), plus I found a torn colored paper (blue specifically), then a crumpled piece of newspaper and of course a red ribbon). The result? Well, a magnificent small box of colored blue gift comprising my most precious present inside, (laugh out loud). 🙂

It was a good feeling literally. 🙂 Just seeing my mother appreciate that gift, it was like giving her the most expensive possession ever in the world. Her smile was more than enough. No thank you’s can ever replace that one.  Somehow, I just believe God puts me here to make my mom happy.

I owe everything to my mother. She is now 58 years old but she is still the mom I used to see when I was a kid. She was really hardworking and of course loving. I really thank God for giving me a good mother. She stood for the eight of us though life was really that hard back then. I just wish her the best, more in terms of good health. I can’t deny that she’s reaching the age of difficulty (physically), so what I usually prayed everyday is for God to keep my mother safe always.

I love my mother, more than anyone else in my life. Without her I am nothing. She is the reason behind my success and my back-up when all else fails. She is the best and that keeps her the title “BEST MOM IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE”. 🙂 If I will die right in this moment and was given another chance to live, I will still choose to be her daughter, no doubt.

I love you Mama and I always will. Happy 58th birthday! Thank you for caring and loving me every day. The best part of my existence is being your daughter. I love everything about you. My life story will never be complete without YOU in the process. Thank you and I love you for more and more years. 🙂

My beautiful mother during my college graduation. :)

My beautiful mother during my college graduation. 🙂


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