A Beginning vs. an End

BEGINNING. A wedding probably is one of the best moments in a girl’s life. Yes, it really should be in the case of my cousin.

Last January 29, I was blessed to witness the “Vow of an Undying Love” of my cousin and her husband’s wedding ceremony in San Antonio De Padua Church, Antipolo City. I was blessed to be chosen as a maid of honor. It was a first time. When I was a kid (about six years of age), I remember then that I became a flower girl. Chesca (my cousin’s name) and I were both flower girls that time. But now, see how time flies so fast. I belong now to her wedding entourage.

San Antonio De Padua Church, Antipolo City

San Antonio De Padua Church, Antipolo City

It was amazing how I see that looked in her eyes, she who wears a long and elegant gown walking down the aisle. I see that she was really happy. Her smile never faded. Their love story has begun that moment they said their vows.

The Public Kiss :)

The Public Kiss 🙂

I am proud my cousin has found her love of her life, the one who made her happiness to the extent. It was nice to know that though she married so young (we are both 21 years old), still I could figure out that she loves her groom more than ever. She is young but I know she is strong and lovable.

A new life for the newly weds! :)

A new life for the newly weds! 🙂

Anyways, what I really wish for both of them is to maintain that love I have witnessed during that day. I wish that will grow old together, surrendering every moment just to be beside each other. More importantly, I wish that both of them will make God as the center of their life.

Part of the Wedding entourage :)

Part of the Wedding entourage 🙂

Happy New life newly weds! Congratulations and best wishes!

Yes! I am a maid of honor :)

Yes! I am a maid of honor 🙂


After the article above, I had this awry feeling to write this one. But I know this time; the one I will be talking here is now in the loving arms of God.

END. It was a first time to see a dead man lying beside a corner, surrounded by his collected reusable waste.  I know for a fact that he was a reputable garbage collector. But all of a sudden, his life was change.

Yesterday, February 2, in traversing the road on the way to the office, somewhere beside St. Paul Apostle’s Church in Timog, Quezon City, there was a yellow wrecked car and in front of it was the dead man. My condolences for him and his family.

I don’t know the real story. But at the end of it all, my feeling goes for the family of the dead man. I hope that they will continue to live despite the lost. The dead man was blessed to have left this earth beside a church. God truly never leave him during his final hour.

Life is really unexpected. We cannot tell when our time will begin or end. Life is a plan, a God’s plan. It is just a matter of how we live each day. We are all blessed to experience God’s grace. We should really thank Him. After all, life is about living the way God want us to live.

In the loving arms of God
In the loving arms of God

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