Crossing the official path

One of the most sweetest things you can ever do to the one you love  is to legally meet your family. And I think I had done that part in my own simple way.

fight. for the on you love.

fight. for the on you love.

It has been three years and I think the nice part of it all is that I had seen how patient he is for me to wait and formally introduce him to my mother. That’s the case last Tuesday. With great pride, I think I had given him the sweetest price of his three years of waiting. 🙂

Anyways, if you’re reading this one I hope that you had that good time last Tuesday. I hope I have proved you how I am really serious the very first time I gave my “yes” to you. Thank you for being so patient and I hope that nothing will change. I love everything about you. 🙂

Thank you for always taking care of me and giving all the sweetest effort just to be with me when you have your precious time. Now that we’re not seeing each other too often, I hope we’ll still maintain that trust we have since the beginning. I know that we’re doing these stuffs for our love ones and of course for our plans. 🙂

Always remember that I care for you more than you’ll ever know. Keep smiling and I know God let us cross our paths because He knows we will take good care of each other. Thank you for everything and as always, I love you from here to the moon… and then back again. 🙂

And I know from the very start that love is…. when I look into your eyes. 🙂

you and me :)

you and me 🙂


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