“Flower” Power

Yey! 🙂

This month has been a very busy one for most of our fellowmen in Baguio City. As February 22 marked its way, flowers (of course) have been the center of the most prestigious celebration of “Panagbenga Festival”.

Held every year in Baguio City, flowers were designed and shaped like animals which were displayed in different floats plus street dance. “Panagbenga” which means “season of blooming” was celebrated in remembrance of the city’s bloom and also a way to remember the people’s recovery of the 1990’s earthquake experience.

One of the alluring floats in the Panagbenga Festival. (courtesy of google images)

Anyways, flowers are really one of the amazing and wonderful creations of God. By way of seeing it bloom, you can really make good use of it. Flowers for me do serve a good purpose.

* Adds color to our pale surrounding

Of course, without flowers see how our yards looked like a dark abyss of only brown plus a bunch of garbage stocked in every corner.

* Good gift for lovers

When someone gives you flower (specially when you’re a girl) of course, you will really appreciate the thought. Just seeing yourself handed with such blooming thing can make your day.

* Serves as medicine, food, etc.

Research has proved the power of flowers in curing diseases of human body. Through  its adorable physical appearance, one cannot take for granted how every part of it can do good for us. Recently, flowers (specially rose) was a good source of food. Petals were used basically as main ingredient in some of food menus. Of course, we learned also in school that flowers were used to reproduce plants. 🙂

* Goood source of income

Flower lovers end up establishing flower shop for the purpose of satisfying their passion and love for these colorful things. I remembered how I also planned to build a flower shop when I was a kid. I adore flowers so much that I really want then, to have a shop of my own. I believe that as flowers bloom, so as the income of it. 🙂

* Makes your day

The very purpose of flowers for me is that it completes someone’s day really. 🙂 Take this for example: when you visit a sick person and you end up giving her/him a flower, see how her face widens just the thought of seeing such stuff.  In my case, just seeing a blooming flower whenever I walk in the vicinity completes my day. It is like I am really blessed each day because I was given a chance to see this beautiful creation of God. 🙂

Everytime I draw a flower, I always want its petals to be open widely. That’s how I viewed my existence, I may not be open to people but I am open to opportunities coming in my life. I always want to embrace every life lessons I’ve learned so I will became a better person. Most especially, with God always on top, I am aware that I will be open to the blessings I will receive. With smiles on my face, I believe that flowers will always enlighten me because it serves that purpose. See it to yourself. Have a flower day ahead! 🙂

Snapshot of a wedding flower 🙂


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