The Nameless Hero

It was Tuesday morning.

When other people were busy cooking their family breakfast, some yawning for a lazy day while others were having a bad day due to traffic, I, on the other hand just sat on the corner of a jeepney, busy looking for the passengers alighting and boarding the jeepney I was already in. 🙂

I was really not into intruding others life. Though I care for people I love, I think it is not my business to be intrusive enough for someone who I barely know. But my principle had change last Tuesday with just a simple case of should-have-not-been.

I was in the corner of the jeepney when a high school boy boarded from it and he carelessly uttered “sh*t” without any valid reason. I hate that boy, really. Why? because everyday I want to start my morning positively but when I heard that word from him, I was annoyed  (is he really having a bad day?).

One by one passengers went down. I was then busy minding my own business when I noticed that the same high school boy was now panicking. He was standing in his seat while the jeepney was moving. I realized then that he was searching for something (and I am right). All of a sudden, he announced that his wallet is missing. It was snatch. So that was really bad.

Murmurs were heard inside the public transportation. The boy told out of nowhere how he can be able to pay his fare. I decided to pay his fare but a good hearted man do the thing.

From that time, I had my what if’s in my mind:

(1) What if he can’t be able to go home because he doesn’t have money?

(2) What if he goes hungry?

(3) What if incidents came and he needs to buy something (eg. school project)?

I can read from his school uniform that he is studying in a public school. I know the feeling because I, too was raised studying all the way from a public school. So I came from a wonderful decision.

We both went down from the same location. I decided to walk beside him and whole-heartedly handed him a not-so large amount. With smiles on his face, he accepted the money and thank me. I just told him to have that so he can spent on something. After which, I continued to walk.

After sometime, he again called me and told me “Ate, thank you ulit.” It was a nice feeling really. 🙂

I have learned a lesson from that case. 🙂 Sometimes, it is also proper to mind someone’s business as long as someone needed it. Helping is not just a verb. It is sometimes a noun. A noun for those people who never second thought on taking action especially when someone needed it.

A hero can be anyone. It is not about the name. It is not about just helping others. Because a hero for me is about thinking the consequence of you not helping the one who needs you. It is more of the effort to acknowledge the needs of someone though he appears rude to you somehow.

I think I am a hero now. You can also be a hero. Anyone can be a hero. And if I will be given a chance to have a name, I have that now. You can now call me a “Nameless Hero”. Because name is not important to me as long as I can help. 🙂 Be a hero today! 🙂



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