And yes, I am really longing.

Yesterday,  just as I decided to peruse a newspaper, my eyes caught this advertisement below the front page of the said newspaper.

Whoa! My excitement thrilled me.

And so it goes. I was really excited to know that my long-time favorite author has released his new  book. My addiction really goes for his books. 🙂

So, I’ve learned that Mr. Paulo Coelho has currently released his book entitled “Manuscript found in Accra.” I excitedly searched for the amount of his book and was not that shock to learn that it costs P549.00.

And so my biggest idea emerged! I need to save! Save! Save! Save!

One of these days, I will have you “Manuscript found in Accra.” Just wait! 🙂

You'll be mine soon! :)

You’ll be mine soon! 🙂


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