On light and fire

Today is the start of the lenten season in the Philippines. A season where most of the Catholics commemorates the passion, death and resurrection of Christ.

Today is also “Palm Sunday.” People were busy going to Church with their own palm while priest blesses it using holy water. In the usual tradition of Filipino families wherein these palms were displayed outside the houses (some in windows, some in doors) in order to drive away bad spirits and as a sign of the joyful passage of Christ in their homes.

Palm Sunday also acknowledges the “triumphal entry of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.” This is just the start of a long journey Christ has met and sacrifice for the sake of most of us. Time to reflect

Anyways, it is necessary to commemorate this season and most importantly to reflect. Lenten season is not just a holiday (people enjoy a no-working days). It is not also about enjoying the days you are at home. It is not just about going to beaches and enjoying the heat of the sun. I believe  Lenten season is more about reflecting, sacrificing and commemorating Christ’s passion, death and resurrection through prayers and attending mass. It is a simple gesture we can all give to him. To praise him for everything he has done to us especially when we need it. Pray. 🙂


March  has also been marked as “Fire Prevention Month”. Though ironically more fires broke during this month.

Just like the  one I’ve witness yesterday somewhere in Manila. It just a second. A blink of the eye has gone and all of a sudden the fire has reached different destinations. Good thing most of the houses were made of concrete. I applaud the fast action and approach of the firemen.

That is really unexpected. I’ve learned that the said fire started on a factory. Thank God the fire was out by 7 in the evening after two hours of blazed. That is my first time to witness such tragedy. I only hope that those affected by the said fire can move on  amidst the said trial. Prayer really is necessary. Nice thing there are no casualties involved.

Lesson learned from this: Always be alert. Unexpected things happen  in just a blink of an eye. Pray and  pray. This is our weapon to be safe always.

there's a fire


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