A wake-up call dear voters

Campaign period in the Philippines is now on its toll.

Streets are now busy with aspiring politicians who are doing everything to make their names be count on the ballot of every citizen.

Wanna-be Politicians do these:

1. Give flyers with their close-up face wearing their biggest smile.

2. Give t-shirts, recyclable bags, etc. to people in the streets to impress.

3. Post their tarpaulins in cable wires of the streets (as if it is fiesta).

4. Use rented or owned cars to traverse the road while playing their non-stop jingles (more often than not, the sounds really irritate).

5. They glued posters in vacant posts in the street.

6. Arguing with their rival on who’s better or not. (It ends with exchanging bad words to each other)

6. Worst, they repeatedly announces their unending promise of change (though nothing really change at all).


Politics is a clean game played by dirty people. As always, wanna-be politicians want to win our heart by saying sweet words but end up struggling with their own words after.

We all want change. They want leadership. But not all leaders know how to lead. Sometimes, there are people who just want to have a position for the sake of their own personal needs.

May 2013 is fast approaching. It is really a need to choose wisely who we want to lead us. Responsibility for all the people is what we need to see in the eyes of this possible leader. He needs to speak not only words but also need to speak through actions.

Change is inevitable. As they announces their heart for us, let us not be deaf on what their intentions really are for us. Sometimes, promises are enough. One need to see and hear what these potential leaders can do.

What we need to do now are these: Open our eyes, hear with our ears and pray with open heart that whoever will lead our nation, he/she must know that the road is tough. He must stand strong and lead strongly and responsibly. Vote wisely! 🙂

A call for wise voters

A call for wise voters


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