Pain and Moving On

Yeah, I know our journey ends with death. But somehow, isn’t it to harsh to see your death as traumatic as it is. This is the case of a graduating college student of Siena College who died after she got hit by a cement mixer truck in Quezon City, last week. The said part is she’s the only child of her parents and as you could figure out, her death was really traumatizing. Pain. That’s what we called it. This is one of the reason why I think of this topic for my blog this week.

Imagine the pain of that freak accident. How the victim crushed her body underneath the heavy truck. Imagine the pain of her mother who have talked about her child’s death as an accident. Moving on for her is not that easy, it will take a lot of time. but somehow she has forgiven the driver.

Another case was a shared story of my close co-employee. I asked her yesterday the most painful experience she had and how has she moved on.

The answer: The time her grandfather passed away. She grew up with her grandparents and her mother (her father left them). She was used to be with them all the time but unfortunately old age and sickness took them apart. She told me that everytime she remembered their moments together, it hurts her. It sometimes make her cry. In the end, she told me, she hasn’t moved on since then.

Last friday, I was given my pay-slip stapled. I was used to detached the staple wire using my thumb and index finger. But for some unlucky reason, the staple wire got stuck in my thumb and I can feel the fast oozing of the blood from it. Ouch! that really hurts. I decided to let the blood flow out and after sometime prevented it by using alcohol. Today as I was writing this, the mark of my dumbness is still here. Blood still stuck inside. I am not feeling the same pain I have felt last friday. But it really left me a mark. I think two or three days from now, I will just forget this freak accident and will move  on. 🙂

There are different kinds of pain. But I think the two most well-known pain happens emotionally and physically. Emotional pain subsides longer than physical pain. Emotional pain takes longer period to move on. It needs a lot of forgetting and forgiving. They said time heals all wounds. I said, the thing with pain is that it must be felt. We’re human. We still need to feel pain somehow. Because with pain we can able to become stronger than the usual. Moving on is sometimes hard but really it can happen. 🙂

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