Postcard to heaven

“My father was my teacher. But most importantly, he was a great dad.”  –Beau Bridges

Dear Papa,

It’s been nine years since we’ve last seen each other. I still remember how that day has changed our life– my life. It was an afternoon I will never forget.

Coming from school, I saw from a distance how this lovely home you built for almost 20 years or so, has been bit by bit removed from its original place. The window, specifically, where a small but comfortable chair lies (where we used to sit and enjoyed our time with) was removed from its place. I saw how  my brothers slowly removed our safe haven. A place where we can see from a far the vicinity we have live for a long time.

I never thought it will ever happen. I am not prepared for such thing. But admit it or not, everyone has its end point. In that afternoon, I chose not to stay with you. I had been a coward. I regret being so. But I hope you had forgiven me from what I never become in those times you needed me.

You arrived 7:00 in the evening. But it was a different scenario. I never saw you walked the way to our house. I never saw the smile you always carried when you see us. There were no laughing trips we used to share. No playing of names everytime you called us. You arrived differently. You were dressed in a suit  I saw for the first time, lying in a long box, the size of your physique. Silent… peaceful, everything turned white. 

It was September. A cold month has never washed away the crisp of our solitude. No air can make our memories with you go away. It was hard for all of us. I never shed a tear when you came. I became strong just for once.  But by the time I smelled you from that lonely box, tracing your memories from your closed eyes, I gave up being firmed. I let my eyes shed those lonely tears. 

Nine years have passed. Still, your memories lingered on us. You were such a great person, a great father, a great angel. You leave us physically but you’ve stayed on guard in everything we do. Papa, I know I never tell you often how much I love you when I was young. It was a mistake. But I know that wherever we go, you always keep us safe. Thank you! You’re the best father, the best husband. No one can ever replace you in our heart. 

Thank you for all the times you shared your precious time with us. For being a disciplinarian in a simple way. For not lying  a hand on us though we are mischievous. Thank you for being a simple yet loving father. Your love has  moved us this far. Love, it was the most precious gift you have given us. This love has kept this family intact until now. 

And today, in your most especial day, let me greet you for being a good and loving father. Happy Father’s Day, Papa! I love you so much! You know how I keep you in my prayers. Please keep an eye on us always. I know you will do everything so we will be safe. Rest in peace. Thank you!

This, I will tell you. I will keep this us our secret message. Everytime I will look in the sky, I will trace your face and your name in the constellation of stars. I love you Papa! I hope one day we will meet again.  🙂


Tisay 🙂

Father and Daughter :)

Father and Daughter 🙂

My Papa with his grandchildren :)

My Papa with his grandchildren 🙂


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