Mr. Moon, Ms. Bookmark and the Girl with a crazy laughter

“We’ll be Friends Forever, won’t we, Pooh?” asked Piglet.
“Even longer,” Pooh answered.
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Just like any other day in a week, Monday is created for people who can deal with the same phase of (sometimes scheduled)  life all over again. It means you need to get up early because you never wanted to experience the heavy traffic along the way. It also means you need to pray hard so you can go safe in your working place, while the man managing the wheel, recklessly drives. Most importantly, it means you need to fulfill the tasks assigned to you in the office, no matter what. I admit, habitual task sometimes kills me. Yet, last Monday, it turns out the other way around. Monday has made me alive. 🙂

Too much intro, I just really want to say that I am so happy for receiving an unexpected gift, (though it’s not yet my birthday). 🙂 So, as what I am saying,  I was amused when I received these simple yet so cute things.

So let me first introduce to you, Mr. Moon 🙂

Mr. Moon is, of course, a moon. lol 🙂 Actually, it is a small and cute keychain which is silver in color and has a thin-black handle. When I first touched it, I actually played with it by making it hook in my index finger  and swaying it left to right. 🙂 Fact: It can be also use as a cellphone accessory. 🙂 Now, Mr. Moon belongs to my other moon collection. I’m so thankful for having such. 🙂

Next is Ms. Bookmark 🙂

Ms. Bookmark is a paper-clip bookmark attached with a green circle which features a cute bicycle (at first, I thought it is a horse :)) Ms. Bookmark is bigger than Mr. Moon. Ms. Bookmark is a great help for me because I can manage to clip the last page of the book I read. Today, as I am about to finish my book (The Book Thief), I am proud for Ms. Bookmark because she has been a good company for me as I reach the book’s ending. 🙂

When Mr. Moon meets Ms. Bookmark :)

When Mr. Moon meets Ms. Bookmark 🙂

And most importantly, the girl in my story is no other than…. 🙂

Ms. Ma. May Angelie. She is used to be called Ms. Angie (but I call her Mam Angie). 🙂 Aside from being my mentor when I was just starting to work in the office, Ms. Angie is my closest and dearest friend, sister, listener, storyteller, acquaintance, teddy bear and more. 🙂 She loves to laugh. I love it when she can’t handle her laughter so much and all I can do is to laugh with her too. 🙂 Books are our common ground. She loves to read and so I am. I like it when she gives me advice as to what books to read.  🙂

Also, I love how I can confide to her stories about my family, things and other stuffs. She is like that too. It is amazing how we can exchange different stories at a time. What  I like about her is that she knows how to say the right words at the right time. I found a good listener in her. Despite the age gap, I believe Ms. Angie is a child at heart until now (just like me). I love it when she sticks with me throughout when I am in my childish mood. 🙂 Most importantly, I love it when she permits me to pinch her soft arms. 🙂 In short, I love everything about her. 🙂

She is the reason behind Mr. Moon and Ms. Bookmark. She has given me those precious things. I never expected anything from her. But she has actually given me enough. She has given me the best gift she can have– that is friendship. 🙂 I love being her friend and I hope we can stay this way as longer as it can be. 🙂

Friends are our treasures. They are the gem of our life. Without them, our life will never be complete. Lfe will never be happy. Friends and happiness are mutual. When they knock on your door, let them in. 🙂

My cuddly sister, Ms. Angie and I :)

My cuddly sister, Ms. Angie and I 🙂


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