Nameless activity for a worthy endeavor

I always believe that there is always a rainbow after the storm. There is always hope. 🙂

After the tremendous typhoon that hit the Philippines this week, I think Filipinos were still lucky to wear their biggest smile after all the hardships they suffered. I mean this typhoon “Maring” was really strong that it cause havoc to our citizen, still we’re here– alive and strong.

The spirit of Filipino unity lives. This is why I am proud to be a Filipino. Despite the rampant poverty, corruption, etc. were experiencing, we manage to be full of faith and hope. We do not run out of reason to live. We’re free. We are courageous.

Heroes. These are the people we often find during unlikely times. I define heroes as those who gives help without proclaiming their names on their donation. These are the people who, without the need to applaud their works, has given so much effort, time, money and concern just to be sure the necessary individuals will feel that someone cares for them.

We can find heroes in different places. They are hidden under various clothes (simple and ordinary). They offer so much help without the need for recognition. They, among people, needs our unending thanks. They do not asked for anything in return. But I think, our simple thanks are enough for them to be overwhelmed.

Simple act to a fruitful endeavor. They are our heroes. They do not have capes just like the usual  heroes we’ve seen in movies. They do not have superpowers. What they have are endless support for those in need. They hide their names but they reveal their help.

Cheers to the nameless heroes! To you, our pride goes! 🙂

that best portion of a good man's life his little nameless unremembered acts of kindness and love.


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